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Join us in urging your Members of Congress to act now and prevent catastrophic cuts to th [Read More]

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Week of Action 2018

Join NNEDV October 14 through 20, 2018 for the National Week of Action!

Tell us how YOU are getting involved during the National Week of Action using #Safety4Survivors and #1Thing.

Sunday, October 14: #SelflessSunday

Donate your time, money, or in-kind donations to your state/territory coalition or local domestic violence program. Take action:

Monday, October 15: #MyVoiceMonday

Have you helped to move legislation that supports survivors? Have you written an article about domestic violence in your community? Tell us how YOU are a voice against violence using #MyVoiceMonday on social media. Take action:

Tuesday, October 16: Twitter Chat Tuesday

Join our Twitter Chat from 3:00-4:00 PM (ET). We will be discussing #Safety4Survivors. Take action:

Wednesday, October 17: #WokeWednesday

You can be a voice for survivors by making sure you’re registered to vote. Take action:

Thursday, October 18: #PurpleThursday

Wear purple to show your support for survivors and for ending domestic violence! Share your purple on social media using #PurpleThursday. Take action:

Friday, October 19: Fame Friday

Support survivors by analyzing how we, as a society, talk about domestic violence. Domestic violence is present in the pop culture we consume – through music, movies, television, books, and media. Share how you are reframing these narratives to support survivors. Take action:

Saturday, October 20: #TechSafety Saturday

Technology has a major impact on survivors. Newly emerging technologies are cause for conversation about the ways that this technology can be misused to harm survivors, but also how these technologies can help hold offenders accountable and be a source of connection for survivors. Take action:

  • Download our Tech Safety App (now also available in Spanish | Ahora disponible en español).
  • Update your privacy setting on social media – we have handy guides on privacy and safety on Facebook.
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to internet-connected devices that are able to connect with other devices and to be controlled remotely through a device or app. Check out this series of handouts describing the risks and potential benefits of the new wave of IoT devices.