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118th Congress Sign-on Letters


This page contains letters to the 118th Congress that NNEDV has signed onto in support.

Downloadable Resources

NGO Letter Regarding House Anti-Immigrant Bills (1/12/2023) Download
USOW Joint Letter of Movement Priorities (1/26/2023) Download
Economic Justice Sign-On Letter for Women's Health Protection Act (3/23/2023) Download
WHDT Legislative Priorities Letter to Congressional Leadership (4/4/2023) Download
NTF Organizational Sign-On National Appropriation Letter (5/11/2023) Download
Non-Defense Discretionary Appropriations Sign-On Letter (5/15/2023) Download
NDAA and Appropriations LGBTQ and Repro Letter (7/12/2023) Download
HEAL Act 2023 Coalition Endorsement Letter (8/7/2023) Download
Gender Justice Farm Bill Letter (8/14/2023) Download
Protect Biden's Deal in Government Funding (9/6/2023) Download
VOCA Sign-On Letter (9/7/2023) Download
HR2601 Hotline Bill Would Harm Survivors (9/8/2023) Download
No Shutdown Letter (9/12/2023) Download
National Sign on Letter of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Trafficking Organizations and Programs in Support of Full and Equal Access to Services and Shelter for Transgender Survivors (10/4/2023) Download
Support Letter for the Unemployment Insurance Modernization and Recession Readiness Act (10/24/2023) Download
Statement for the Record United States Senate Committee on Finance “Exploring Paid Leave: Policy, Practice, and Impact on the Workforce” (10/25/2023) Download
Letter Endorsing the VOCA Amendment to the CJS Bill (11/13/2023) Download
Letter to Congress on No Cuts, No Harmful Riders, and No Shutdown (11/14/2023) Download
Letter for Essential Services and Government Funding (11/14/2023) Download
Joint Statement on Asylum Negotiations (11/30/2023) Download
Letter Calling for Child Tax Credit Expansion (12/11/2023) Download
Gender Census Sign-On Letter (12/19/2023) Download
NDD United Letter Regarding FY24 Spending (1/7/2024) Download
Sign-on Letter Opposing H.R. 6918 (1/18/2024) Download
ABC Coalition’s Letter on the Child Tax Credit (2/9/2024) Download
Letter from Domestic Violence Organizations in Support of the Child Tax Credit (2/22/2024) Download
Letter Re: Senate Budget Committee Hearing: No Rights to Speak of: The Economic Harms of Restricting Reproductive Freedom (2/28/2024) Download
FY25 Department of Defense Contraceptive No Copay Coalition Letter (4/8/2024) Download