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Over half of women living with HIV experienced IPV, 55 percent compared to 36 percent, considerably higher than the national prevalence among women overall
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NNEDV’s Positively Safe Program Launches a NEW Resource Toolkit

August 18, 2014

August 18, 2014 – NNEDV’s Positively Safe Program is proud to announce the launch of a NEW Resource Toolkit designed to provide educational resources and tools to address the intersection of HIV/AIDS and domestic violence. We know that over half of women living with HIV have experienced intimate partner violence (55%), which is considerably higher than the national prevalence (36%) among women overall [1].

The Positively Safe program has developed a comprehensive training curriculum that facilitates cross-sector collaboration between domestic violence and HIV/AIDS fields. The Toolkit provides templates and guides for building effective partnerships between HIV/AIDS and domestic violence service providers. Additionally, service providers can use the Toolkit to access resources to raise awareness and educate communities on domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, and the intersection of the two issues.

Collaboration between care services is vital to best serve the community and to meet the varied needs of every individual. This Toolkit helps to make those collaborations possible.

Browse through our NEW Resource Toolkit!

[1] Machtinger, 2012; Black, 2011.