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DVAM 2016: Challenging Perceptions about Domestic Violence

October 1, 2016

Every October, the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) joins with our partners, supporters, and allies across the country to recognize Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM).

DVAM is an opportunity for us all to take a stand against domestic violence. We invite you to join us and get involved this month…

Annual #31n31 Campaign: Challenging Perceptions about Domestic Violence

Infographic with two women sitting on a couch and talking in the background. Infographic says October 2016 Challenging perceptions about domestic violence during domestic violence awareness month. At bottom is invitation to follow #31n31


Every year, NNEDV runs this campaign to share information about domestic violence, raise awareness, and ignite change. The name, #31n31, comes from the 31 pieces of information that we share – one for each day of the month of October.

NNEDV’s campaign this year will bust prevalent myths about domestic violence. Follow along on social media using #31n31!

Download Challenging Myths about Domestic Violence.

Check out the full campaign on Pinterest.

See past years’ #31n31 campaigns:

31 Survivors’ and Advocates’ Stories (2015)
31 Ways VAWA, FVPSA, and VOCA have Made a Difference in Survivors’ Lives (2014)
31 Ways to Get Involved and Help End Domestic Violence (2013)

National Week of Action: October 16-22

Infographic National Week of Action 2016 October 16 to 22


During the week of October16-22, we invite you to add your voice to ours by participating in our National Week of Action. Activities include: Conversation Sunday, Media Monday, Tie-in Tuesday, Write-in Wednesday, #PurpleThursday, Film Friday, and Shout-out Saturday.

Call of Unity: October 4

NNEDV will once again be participating in this year’s national Call of Unity on October 4 at 3:00 PM (ET). Kristelyn Berry, from our Safety Net team, will be participating on behalf of NNEDV. Learn more on Facebook.

Join Reader with a Cause: October-November 2016

NNEDV reader with a cause


NNEDV’s book club, Reader with a Cause, is reading The Joy Luck Club, beginning October 1. For DVAM, we are going to read our first “throwback” story that explores domestic violence. If you haven’t read this one yet – or if you’d like to revisit this classic – please join us.

Chefs Take a Stand to End Domestic Violence: October 25


For the fourth time, NNEDV will be partnering with local chefs to recognize DVAM and take a stand to end domestic violence. Chefs Take a Stand is not your average gala: the food is delicious – the attire is comfortable – the speeches are few. Come for the food, stay for the cause, and leave knowing you did your part to help end domestic violence this October. Learn more or buy tickets.

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