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What’s New at WomensLaw?

WomensLaw staff is constantly updating the “plain language” legal information and resources on In addition to making sure that the existing information is up-to-date, staff also adds new information on a regular basis.

What’s new:

  • September 2021

    We added the a new program to our Wyoming Local Programs page called the Converse Hope Center. 

  • September 2021

    We added the a new program to our Florida Local Programs page called the Women’s Center of Jacksonville in English. Spanish coming soon!

  • September 2021

    With help from the National Housing Law Project, we revised 8 questions in our VAWA Housing Protections page. Among the changes we made are clarifying that the laws apply not only to victims of domestic violence but also dating violence, stalking, and sexual assault. We also added more examples and better explained terms in the law such as “family breakup.” Changes made in English. Spanish translation of the whole section, soon to come.

  • August 2021

    We added five courthouses to our Louisiana Courthouse Locations page and updated information for an additional 52 courthouses.

  • August 2021

    On our Minnesota Local Programs page, we updated 21 local programs and added 2 new programs. All changes were made in English and, for the first time, all resources were translated into Spanish!

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