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[CLOSED] Urge the House to vote “YES” on the FVPSA Improvement Bill (H.R. 2119) and oppose harmful amendments

Urge the House of Representatives to vote “YES” to the Family Violence Prevention and Services Improvement Act (H.R. 2119) and oppose harmful amendments.

The bipartisan Family Violence Prevention and Services Improvement Act (FVPSA Improvement), H.R. 2119, is up for a vote in the House of Representatives.  FVPSA Improvement would bolster existing FVPSA programs and increase authorized funding, while expanding access to tribes, tribal coalitions working to end domestic violence, culturally specific programs, and other underserved communities. 

Unfortunately, there are two proposed amendments that pose a threat for service providers and the overdue improvements included in H.R. 2119. Please join us in urging your Representative to vote “YES” on the bipartisan FVPSA Improvement bill and oppose these harmful amendments.