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Free DV Posters and Magnets Available

August 23, 2023 | Return to REACH Hub
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Thank you to everyone who registered for the free REACH toolkit. So many people signed up that we almost doubled the amount available, giving away 175 kits instead of 100! That said, registration is now closed and we will be updating those who are getting them when their kits are on their way.

As a victim service provider, you know that people experiencing abuse have a myriad of complex and competing needs. Access to reliable legal information in English and Spanish shouldn’t be one of them.

Staffed by trauma-informed, survivor-centered attorneys, the WomensLaw Email Hotline provides individualized, confidential answers to legal questions, empowering people with the information they need to understand their legal rights and determine what steps they can take.

Get Your Free WomensLaw Kit!

Through our REACH partnership, NNEDV and Esperanza United are staffing up this invaluable resource, getting more attorneys to answer questions and provide personalized legal information and referrals, with a special interest in increasing Latin@ survivors’ use of the WomensLaw Email Hotline.

And that’s where you come in. As an advocate, you already guide survivors through a variety of complex systems. We’re here to help and are distributing, free of charge, a WomensLaw kit to the first 100 service providers who register. The kit contains posters and magnets in English and Spanish and we suggest putting them up where you meet with survivors. That way, these materials will remind you at crucial moments that vital, state- and territory-specific legal information is available at your fingertips.

Get Your Free WomensLaw Kit!

If you have any questions about REACH or this mailer, please contact Cassie Amundson Muñoz at