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#VAWA19 Matters Twitter Storm

April 17, 2019

On April 18th at 3:00 p.m. EDT, join @NTFSDV, @NNEDV, and our coalition members for a Twitter Storm. We will thank the Representatives who passed #HR1585 and share information about the importance of this bill.

What is a Twitter Storm?

A ‘Twitter Storm’ is a predefined time for activists and allies to gather together online and share facts and stories in support of an issue. In our case, this Twitter Storm will help to amplify our gratitude for Representatives who voted yes on H.R. 1585, connect with supporters, and show our elected officials why VAWA matters.

VAWA Matters…

Since VAWA’s inception in 1994, it has served as the cornerstone of our nation’s response to domestic and sexual violence. Each reauthorization has included life-saving improvements for survivors. H.R. 1585 includes crucial but modest improvements to address safe housing, enhance prevention efforts, allow for more comprehensive services, and remove long-standing barriers for underserved survivors. The bill addresses survivors’ urgent needs and invests in strategies so that one day we can live in a world where domestic violence and sexual assault no longer exists.

We are relying on you to help thank Representatives who voted yes, and to clarify why we need the modest improvements contained in H.R. 1585.

Starting at 3:00p.m. EDT, share the below sample tweets and graphics on Twitter with the hashtag #HR1585, #VAWA4All, and #VAWA19. Feel free to share your own thoughts and stories along with the sample tweets and encourage your community to join in!

Find out how your representative voted here.

Find Sample Tweets here.

Find Downloadable Graphics Here.