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Spread the Word About the Link Between HIV & DV!

October 28, 2014

In recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness month, NNEDV is using the week of October 27th – 31st to highlight the link between DV & HIV.

We know that 1 in 4 women experience domestic violence in their lifetime, but we often don’t recognize that the risk of HIV infection becomes 2x greater when women experience violence. Don’t let the conversation end here – see what you can do to spread the word about the intersection of HIV/AIDS and domestic violence by visiting:



Have you been watching the World Series? It’s shocking that the number of people who have attended EVERY 2014 World Series game so far about the same the number of women living with HIV in the United States. Don’t let the conversation end here – learn more about how HIV/AIDS and domestic violence affects the lives of women in our country by visiting:



When we think about the challenges of women living with HIV, we rarely consider how often women experience abuse, particularly physical abuse, after being diagnosed. Don’t let the conversation end here – learn more about how you can support women living with HIV/AIDS who experience domestic violence by visiting:



We know that people can live healthy lives with HIV now with a consistent regime of medication and support from healthcare providers. However, women living with HIV who have experienced abuse, especially if it’s recent, are less likely to maintain medical care needed to keep them healthy and alive. Don’t let the conversation end here – learn more about how you can build partnerships to link women living with HIV/AIDS to care when they experience domestic violence by visiting: