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NNEDV Thanks Fall 2017 Interns

November 30, 2017

Every semester, the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) benefits from the talents of dedicated, resourceful, and perceptive interns. This fall, NNEDV was grateful for the stellar contributions from two young women who joined our mission to end domestic violence. And now, let us introduce the Fall 2017 all-stars:

Sanah Jivani is double majoring in Sociology and Communication at the University of Texas at San Antonio, class of 2019. Sanah interned with NNEDV’s Development and Communications team this fall.

Sanah Jivani, Development & Communications intern

  • My favorite thing that I learned while interning at NNEDV is… the importance of understanding the different forms of abuse. When approaching the topic of domestic violence, individuals must understand that there are several different forms of abuse, all of which have major effects on survivors.
  • One thing that everyone should know about DV is… the fact that survivors know and understand their situations the best. I’ve heard people ask “Why don’t victims just leave?” but it’s important to understand that situations are way less simple than that. Where will they go when they leave? Do they have housing options? These are just a couple of questions survivors might have to confront. It is not fair to judge their decisions because only they fully understand their situation.
  • I’ll continue to be involved in the movement to end violence against women by… running my non-profit organization, the Love Your Natural Self Foundation, which promotes self-care and self-esteem. I believe that self-care is an important practice for everyone, and that by helping individuals find peace within themselves, we can create an overall more peaceful world.
  • My favorite thing about interning with NNEDV is… the amazing, smart, talented, dedicated, courageous, kind, and very fun group of people I’ve met!! From the staff at NNEDV to my fellow interns, everyone I’ve met has taught me something new. I could not be more grateful for the warmth and inspiration everyone has brought into my life this semester.

Veronica Lempert is a Rhetoric and Leadership major and a Women and Gender Studies minor at Pepperdine University, Class of 2020. Veronica interned with NNEDV’s Public Policy and Development & Communications teams this Fall.

Veronica Lempert, Public Policy and Development & Communications intern

  • My favorite thing I learned while interning at NNEDV is… how many aspects of society and policy are intertwined with domestic violence. There was a point at which I realized that to understand the impact of domestic violence, you have to understand how multifaceted it is. While there are pieces of legislation that are directly tied to domestic violence, you also have to consider the ways in which issues like healthcare, the federal budget, gun control, and immigration affect the work of advocates and the lives of survivors. The issue is so complex–in order to see an end to the violence, everybody needs to be involved in advocacy within their own niche.
  • One thing that everyone should know about domestic violence is… that there is hope. Sexual and domestic violence are so pervasive that it can be easy to feel like they are problems with no solutions. However, if I have taken away anything from my time at NNEDV, it is hope. There are good people doing good work as direct service providers, advocates, and policy makers. To be the most effective change makers we can be, we have to have hope that solutions are possible and that everyone can play a role in the movement.
  • I’ll continue to be involved in the movement to end violence against women by… being involved in local, state, and federal politics by educating voters, as well as politicians, about all of the ways in which policy can harm or help survivors of domestic and sexual violence.
  • My favorite thing about interning with NNEDV is… that everyone in the office wants you to get the most out of your experience as possible. Whether it be having you attend events, inviting you in on meetings, or including you in staff parties, everybody at NNEDV hopes you walk away from your internship having touched or seen every part of the organization.