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NNEDV Stands with Survivors through National Walkout

September 24, 2018

Today, the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) stands with the millions of women and allies across the United States who are walking out, standing up, and speaking up.

We demand a thorough investigation of all allegations brought against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. The people of this country demand and deserve better than a fast-tracked, half-hearted confirmation process for a lifetime appointment to the nation’s highest court.

We demand an end to the smearing, harassment and belittling of survivors like Dr. Ford. Any survivor who comes forward to shed light on a nominee’s past and character deserves respect and to be heard. Indeed, today it is still rare for survivors to come forward, and many live in the shadows in fear of further trauma, isolation and ridicule. So today, we also stand with those who chose not to speak out.

Dr. Ford and Deborah Ramirez are taking significant risks. We hope that the members of the Judiciary Committee take heed in this moment to do what’s right and send a message to the millions of survivors across the United States that we hear them and we believe them, and we can and will do better.