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In Honor of Mother’s Day, Share What Motherhood Means to You through #MyMom1Word

April 28, 2015

My mom in one word beautiful amazing courageous loving inspirational brilliant invincible

To honor the amazing women who have helped shape and impact each of our lives, we have a challenge for you: describe your mom in just one word. (And for you creative types, describe your mom in just one image.)

What is the perfect word to describe the person who made you who you are today? The person who will stand up for you always, but will also give you a reality check when you’re being stubborn? The person who will love you no matter your flaws, even as she tells you all about those flaws and what you should do about each one. And for those of us who have lost our mothers, what is one word to describe how you remember her?

Now through May 10, share your word or image on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and tag it with #mymom1word. Download our #MyMom1Word sign and snap a selfie – if you tag @NNEDV we may share or retweet it on our page!

Let’s see who can be the most creative to describe your fabulous, fearless, awesome, marvelous, incredible, exceptional, extraordinary mom.

As you’re thinking all of these positive thoughts about your mom, consider making a donation in her honor this Mother’s Day. Together, we can help moms everywhere be safe and protect themselves and their children from domestic violence.