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Disaster in Nepal Requires International Response

April 27, 2015

A devastating earthquake struck Nepal over the weekend, leaving more than 3,000 dead in what’s being called the country’s worst natural disaster in 80 years. [1]

Victims of domestic violence in Nepal desperately need your help now more than ever. The destructive earthquake has significantly increased even the basic needs of victims. Survivors of domestic violence are particularly affected by natural disasters because they have already experienced trauma within a relationship.

The U.S. National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) is collecting funds for the Nepal Network to End Domestic Violence to aid in providing emergency services for victims of domestic violence and to assist in the disaster relief for abuse shelters. 100% of funds received will go toward helping victims in Nepal. Donate now to support victims of domestic violence in Nepal.

Since 2009, NNEDV has worked closely with Bandana Rana, the Executive Chair of Saathi, a local NGO in Nepal working to end violence against women in Kathmandu. Rana is the Chair of the Nepal Network to End Domestic Violence and the Global Network of Women’s Shelters (GNWS).

On Saturday, as Rana’s plane approached Kathmandu to land, the 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck and diverted her plane to Doha, Qatar. Rana is currently stranded there, but is working on coordinating emergency services for domestic violence victims who had found shelter in Saathi and other abuse shelters and services across Nepal.

Through the incredible power of technology, NNEDV was able to ascertain via Twitter that Rana and her family are safe.


Later that day, Rana explained in an email, “In this hour of tragedy and grief, I am stuck in Doha after my plane diverted back to Doha after almost landing in Kathmandu … Waiting in anguish to be back home with family and friends and the needy. Thanks for your concern and prayers.”

Violence against women is an international issue and ending it will require an international response. If you would like to support victims of domestic violence and the traumatic earthquake in Nepal, please donate now.

[1] CNN, “Nepal quake: Death toll passes 3,200 as nation struggles with devastation”