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NNEDV Stands with API Survivors on API HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

May 19, 2016

The National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) recognizes today, May 19, as Asian Pacific Islander (API) HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. Within the API population, the rate of new HIV cases increased 15 percent in three years between 2002 and 2005. [1] In many Asian communities, discussion of disease and sexuality are considered unacceptable, making safe space to talk about HIV and other STIs few and far between. Societal barriers, such as the interpretation of using condoms as a marker of infidelity, can create obstacles for those trying to build an environment of open communication about safe HIV practices. [1]

Comparatively, Asian American and Pacific Islander women have the lowest proportional rates of testing. [2] Only 5 percent of API women who believe they are at risk for HIV/AIDS have gotten tested. [2]

Over 55 percent of women with HIV/AIDS have experienced domestic violence in their lifetime, which is more than double the percentage of women overall. [3] NNEDV stands with API survivors and continues to advocate on behalf of HIV positive survivors through our Positively Safe program. Learn more at


2. H. Hahm, I. Song, A. Ozonoff and J. Sassani, “HIV Testing Among Sexually Experienced Asian and Pacific Islander Young Women: Association With Routine Gynecological Care.” Women’s Health Issues, 2009, 19: 279-288.