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Victor Rivers Rivas
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Spokesperson: Victor Rivas Rivers

Hermosa Beach Actor Victor Rivers picks his battle: domestic violence. From the first time Victor Rivers held his son in his arms, he knew he could never hurt Eli like his own father had hurt him.

When Victor Rivers speaks about the issue of domestic violence, he tells the heartbreaking story of a twelve year old boy who went to his local police department seeking help. There the boy disrobed for the officers and showed them the cuts, bruises, welts and burns that covered his body, telling how his father had been doing this to him, his siblings and even worse to his mother. Though the officers were horrified to hear about incidents of domestic violence that were on the level of torture, they told the boy there was little they could do. It was, they said, a private family matter. The year was 1967 and the boy was Victor himself.

While much has changed in terms of awareness and programs to assist victims of domestic violence, it remains the most under-reported crime in America, what is often called “the Quiet Crime.” For this reason, Victor has chosen to lend his voice and his story as a witness and survivor to the National Network to End Domestic Violence, an alliance of shelters and statewide advocacy groups around the country. The NNEDV is the preeminent organization lobbying Congress and developing public policy, including the Violence Against Women Act. NNEDV has been a frontrunner in obtaining increased federal support for shelters, services, and programs. Through its sister organization, the National Network to End Domestic Violence Fund, the alliance has spearheaded efforts to provide more direct support to local programs and coalitions through information, research, funding, and training.

As a national spokesperson for the NNEDV, Mr. Rivers hopes to raise awareness that domestic violence can not be treated simply as a woman’s issue; rather, he insists, it should be everyone’s issue. His ultimate survival and personal success convey the importance of intervention by others who helped him break the cycle of violence, something Victor hopes more people will do by taking a stand against our greatest yet most curable social disease.

Victor regularly travels to Washington on behalf of the NNEDV to meet and speak with policy makers and members of Congress. Speaking at high schools, colleges, organizational meetings, fundraisers, and in the media, Victor Rivers tells his story from his heart – with power, poignancy and humor. View Victor’s calendar for the latest information about his film releases, speaking engagements and book signings.

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Victor_bookcover A Private Family Matter: A Memoir
by Victor Rivas Rivers

Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 0743487885
Price: $25.00

Purchase or learn more about A Private Family Matter.

  • Watch Victor in “A Private Family Matter (part one),” a dramatization of Victor’s testimony given in support of Congressional reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act in 2012