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NNEDV Partners With Abine to Protect Online Privacy

NNEDV has partnered with Abine, Inc., the leading online privacy company, to support domestic violence victims in their need to protect their private information.  This partnership will benefit NNEDV’s members, employees, partners and affiliated domestic violence organizations across the country, and will provide discounted and enhanced services along with access to specially-created information and tutorials for improving online privacy.  In addition, through the end of November, Abine will donate $0.10 to NNEDV for every new install of its free DoNotTrackPlus software, which stops companies, advertising networks and social networks from tracking web users’ activity.

Consumer concern about online privacy is growing consistently, and this worry is even more prominent among NNEDV members.  Online privacy is critical for many victims of domestic violence who face heightened personal safety and security risks.  NNEDV’s members will benefit from Abine’s DeleteMe service, which removes listings from more than 50 of the largest data collection websites.  Abusers, stalkers, and perpetrators can use these data collection websites to seek out a victim’s private data like phone number, address, and family members’ names, quickly finding where victims live, often for free or just a few dollars.  DeleteMe will be available at a discount to all NNEDV members and affiliates.

“Technology to keep people safe online can be a lifesaver to victims of domestic violence, sexual violence, and stalking.  Abusers and stalkers use online databases and people search websites to track down and locate victims,” said Cindy Southworth, Vice President of Development and Innovation at NNEDV.  “We’re happy that Abine is offering their DeleteMe service at a discount to our members to improve their privacy and safety.”

With the DeleteMe service, NNEDV’s members can request removal of their personal records from the leading databases, including,, and  The service also monitors those databases throughout the year to ensure that the individuals’ records do not return.  DeleteMe is the premier personal data removal service, covering more databases under an annual subscription than any other service.

“While most of us want to control our private information, it’s especially important for victims of domestic violence and other crimes who have an immediate and inherent need to do so,” said Bill Kerrigan, CEO of Abine.  “We’re privileged to have the tools and expertise to help people simply navigate the complex world of online privacy, and our entire team is motivated by the opportunity to bring our tools and skills to support the NNEDV community.”

Abine is the leading online privacy company, offering tools and services that help people take control of their private information online.  The company has become well known for the simplicity of its products as well as its expertise in online privacy and security.  The company’s most popular tool, DoNotTrackPlus, has been downloaded more than 2.2 million times since its mid-February launch.

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