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Resource library
Collaboration Guide
This document aims to stress the importance of collaboration and cross training between DV and HIV/AIDS service providers.
Collaboration Action Plan
This collaboration action plan allows service providers to come together and create an organized commitment to building a successful collaboration. The plan includes places to discuss/record issues to address, mission statements for each organization, and specific action steps.
HIV Provider Fact Sheet
This fact sheet, meant for HIV/AIDS providers, outlines basic information about domestic violence.
Guide for Medication Storage and Access
This resource outlines why it is important to work with survivors on medication, and how to do so while respecting confidentiality.
HIV/AIDS Resource Guide
This resource guide provides basic information on HIV/AIDS, as well as links to find additional information.
Domestic Violence Resource Guide
This resource guide provides basics information on domestic violence, as well as links to find additional information on domestic violence.
Conversation Guide: Starting the Discussion About HIV/AIDS
This guide provides general guidelines, specific questions, and best practices, as well as suggestions about referral if a survivor discloses her/his HIV/AIDS status.
Conversation Guide: Starting the Discussion About Domestic Violence
This conversation guide can help ease hesitation in talking about violence with clients, while creating an opportunity for service providers to continue getting to know clients as individuals.

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