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Resource library
RSP and NSVRC Organizational Assessment for Advocates/Agencies Working with Victims of Sexual Violence
This assessment tool will help identify strengths and strategies to cultivate deeper and broader services for all victims of sexual assault. It will enable an agency to develop plans for enhancing or creating sexual assault services by expanding on the strengths of the organization.
Integrating Services for Survivors of Domestic Violence Experiencing Homelessness
Closing the Gap: Integrating Services for Survivors of Domestic Violence Experiencing Homelessness is a toolkit for transitional housing programs.
Housing: Safety, Stability, and Dignity for Survivors of Domestic Violence Experiencing Homelessness
This resource describes the link between safe housing and improved outcomes for survivors.  Develop d by the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Housing Models and Rent Structures
This resource highlights the three most common transitional housing models being used by the Office on Violence Against Women’s (OVW) Transitional Housing Grant program grantees.
Criminal Records and Employment Rights: A Tool for Advocates Working with Survivors of Domestic Violence
Many survivors of domestic violence find themselves with criminal records, oftentimes due to coerced criminal acts, experienced at the hands of their partner. This resource helps advocates better understand employment rights of survivors with criminal records with tips and resources for survivors.
Credit History and Access to Housing for Survivors
This resource is to understand the role of consumer reports in accessing rental housing and help survivors to obtain and understand credit and tenant screening reports.
Consumer Rights Screening Tool for Domestic Violence Advocates and Lawyers
This publication provides information about consumer rights screening tools for domestic violence advocates and lawyers.
Building Partnerships to Enhance Consumer Rights for Domestic Violence Survivors
This tool aims to provide a starting point for attorneys and advocates interested in enhancing consumer rights for domestic violence survivors.
Addressing Discriminatory Housing Barriers for Victims of Domestic Violence – A Toolkit for Attorneys
Toolkit for attorneys to address housing barriers for victims of domestic violence.
Power and Control Wheel
Developed by the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project; this resource explains the various methods of power and control.

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