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Confidentiality & Privacy (for Agencies & Programs Working With Survivors)

NNEDV created an online toolkit to help programs and agencies understand and implement their confidentiality obligations. For more information and templates that you can adapt, visit

The purpose of this document is to assist providers in thinking through the nuances of the generic concept of legal privilege in a court of law. Providers will be better able to protect confidential survivor... Read More ▹

  This form is used to help a client assess risks and benefits of having an agency release some of her or his confidential information to another individual or/and agency. The form enables the client to... Read More ▹

This form may be used by agencies to provide upfront notice to each client (e.g. victim, survivor) about their rights and your practices. This includes your agency's information sharing and confidentiality... Read More ▹

Documents Shelter Locations and the Internet Read More ▹

This piece addresses common confidentiality questions about several U.S. federal laws that may impact victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking. It highlights key... Read More ▹

Updated in 2011, this 14 page piece answers commonly asked questions about confidentiality provisions in the U.S. federal Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and clarifies best practices for informed consent... Read More ▹

NNEDV has created a comprehensive online toolkit to help programs and agencies understand and implement their confidentiality obligations. NNEDV Technology Confidentiality Toolkit Read More ▹

This one pager quickly reviews best practices for non-profit community based advocacy agencies to maintain survivor confidentiality and privacy under the U.S. federal Violence Against Women Act (VAWA),... Read More ▹

This chart lists state laws relating to the confidentiality of victim advocate communications. It cites relevant state statutes and case law, summarizes what each state statute covers, and addresses the level... Read More ▹