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Transitional Housing Assistance Grant Program

Mid-Atlantic & Lower Midwest Regional Meeting

May 3-4, 2016


Day 1 

Providing Support for Children Impacted by Domestic Violence - Sherry Crumity, YWCA of Genesee County

Cultural Competency for Advocates - Sherry Crumity, YWCA of Genesee County

Self-Care for Advocates - Judy Benitez, NNEDV

Day 2

New Directions: A Model Workforce Development & Job Placement Program - Michelle Erickson, Abused Adult Resource Center

Navigating Section 8 Barriers to Housing - Sandra Harrell, Vera Institute of Justice

Working with Families in Transitional Housing Impacted by Disabilities - Sandra Harrell, Vera Institute of Justice


Upper Midwest Regional Meeting

April 5-6, 2016

Below are links to shared presentations and additional materials for the April 2016 Transitional Housing Upper Midwest Regional Meeting. You may download all of the information included here for your reference and share with other staff. Additionally, please share this link with any MOU and Community Partners you feel would benefit from this information.

This link will be available to view and share until May 6. This website is dedicated only to this particular training and cannot be accessed via If you navigate away from this page to look at something else at you will not be able to search for this page on the website and will need to use the link provided to you again to get back to the page.



Speaker Profiles

Participant List


Day 1


Day 2