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NNEDV projects address the complex causes and far-reaching consequences of domestic violence. Through cross-sector collaborations at the state, national and international level, we’re changing the way our society deals with domestic violence.

NNEDV's current projects include:

Census Project

NNEDV's Census Project runs the U.S. National Census of Domestic Violence Services (Census). This is an annual noninvasive, unduplicated count of adults and children who seek services from U.S. domestic violence shelter programs during a single 24-hour survey period. Conducted by NNEDV annually since 2006, this Census takes into account the dangerous nature of domestic violence by using a survey designed to protect the confidentiality and safety of victims.

Coalition Capacity Project

NNEDV's Coalition Capacity Project provides comprehensive and specialized technical assistance and training to support the work of U.S. state and territorial domestic violence coalitions. These coalitions provide critical leadership in coordinating regional efforts to end violence against women, addressing systemic barriers facing battered women and their children, and, strengthening the services available to victims of domestic violence.

Economic Justice Project

NNEDV's Economic Justice Project works to strengthen victim advocates’ financial capabilities to better assist survivors of domestic violence move from short-term safety to long-term security, and to an economically sustainable independent life. This work is made possible in large part due to the partnership between NNEDV and The Allstate Foundation which focuses on providing the knowledge and skills that help victims of domestic violence achieve economic self-sufficiency.

Housing Project

NNEDV's Housing Project provides technical assistance to U.S. state and territorial domestic violence coalitions, local domestic violence programs, other nonprofit organizations, and local and state agencies in creating best practices for housing, transitional housing and related services for victims and survivors fleeing domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking.

Safety Net Project

NNEDV's Safety Net: National Safe & Strategic Technology Project educates victims of stalking, domestic and sexual violence, their advocates, and the general public on strategic ways to use technology to help escape abusive relationships and situations. The Safety Net Project also trains police officers and prosecutors how to identify and hold perpetrators accountable for misusing technology. The Safety Net Project equally focuses on building the capacity of communities and agencies to utilize technology to increase accessibility and create effective services, prevention campaigns, and social change that will end violence.

WomensLaw Project

NNEDV's WomensLaw Project provides easy-to-understand legal information and resources to women living with or escaping domestic violence or sexual assault. By reaching out through the Internet, empowers women and girls to lead independent lives, free from abuse. was founded in February 2000 and became a project of NNEDV in 2010.

Other Special Projects:

  • HIV/AIDS & Domestic Violence Project

    As of 2010, NNEDV‘s new HIV/AIDS & Domestic Violence Project is working to systematically address the unique challenges and barriers facing victims of domestic violence who also have HIV/AIDS.