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April 18, 2011

NNEDV on Friday was on hand for Financial Literacy Day on Capitol Hill, as part of April's Financial Literacy Month activities. It provided financial information to lawmakers and the community specifically geared toward survivors of intimate partner violence.

One of the greatest barriers to escaping from a pattern of abuse in a relationship is economics. Ninety-nine percent of women who experience physical violence in an intimate relationship also experience some form of economic abuse – abusers using finances to control and trap a spouse or partner. NNEDV has an initiative dedicated to empowering survivors of domestic violence financially.

"Victims of domestic violence can escape abuse and live safer lives when they are financially independent from their abusers," said Sue Else, NNEDV's president. "We are committed to giving survivors and their advocates the tools they need to manage their finances more effectively."

Since 2005, NNEDV has partnered with The Allstate Foundation to develop a unique program that focuses on economic empowerment for survivors of domestic violence. Part of the project includes a comprehensive curriculum to help educate victims on everything from day-to-day budgeting to long-term retirement planning to improving a damaged credit score.

"An abuser commonly will use financial tactics to control a victim," said Else. "During Financial Literacy Month and throughout the year, we share important financial information that can help survivors of intimate partner violence. We are grateful that The Allstate Foundation has made this work possible."

NNEDV was among a select group of non-profit organizations at the New York Stock Exchange last week along with The Allstate Foundation to discuss the innovative partnership. Corporate and non-profit representatives attended to learn about forging relationships like the one between NNEDV and The Allstate Foundation to do meaningful work.

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