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January 15, 2008

The Allstate Foundation and the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) Fund have launched an e-mail campaign to bring people to, a special Web site created to educate readers about the devastating impact of financial abuse and raise critical funding to support victims of domestic violence. For each person who visits and clicks the “Click to Empower” button, The Allstate Foundation Domestic Violence Program will donate $1 to the Education and Job Training Fund (EJTF), with a total contribution of up to $300,000. The EJTF helps domestic violence survivors pursue long-term financial security by providing vital financial assistance for education, training and job-related expenses.

The Allstate Foundation takes a unique stance on the issue of domestic violence by focusing its efforts on providing tools that help survivors move toward economic independence. Experts report that economic control is a tactic commonly used by abusers to prevent their victims from leaving abusive situations. Abusers often block access to money and/or other financial resources including credit cards, bank accounts or the ability to work outside the home.

“Our goal is to help survivors achieve an economic independence that they may not realize was possible,” said Jennifer Kuhn, Domestic Violence Program Manager, The Allstate Foundation. “The Allstate Foundation is excited about the ClicktoEmpower campaign and is confident that through Allstate colleagues, friends, families and advocates we will reach our goal of $300,000.”

A domestic violence survivor’s ability to attain economic security is dependent upon the availability of:

  • Social and economic supports, including child support, child care, transportation, and public benefits;

  • Jobs that provide a living wage, and offer benefits as well as opportunities for career advancement;

  • Education and job training programs, or other opportunities to gain the skills necessary to obtain and retain a job that pays a living wage.

However, traditional financial aid resources often do not address these barriers. The EJTF was established by The Allstate Foundation Domestic Violence Program to channel small grants, up to $1,000 each, to adult domestic violence survivors to overcome the obstacles that prevent them from achieving their eductaional and professional goals. The EJTF covers education, training and job-related expenses including:

  • Books and supplies for school

  • Job skills training

  • Certification fees

  • Tuition

  • Registration fees

  • Requirements for jobs, such as uniforms

  • Child care

  • Public transportation

  • Fees for computer access


“With the Education and Job Training Assistance Fund, a little goes a long way. In many communities a $1,000 grant can help a survivor take a 10-week computer training course and pay for childcare and transportation while in the course,” said Sue Else, President, NNEDV Fund. “That’s the difference between having to remain with an abuser to keep a roof over your children’s head and having the opportunity to live a free, safe and successful life.”


For additional information on The Allstate Foundation economic empowerment programs please visit



For many domestic violence survivors economic advocacy is critical to their long term self-sufficiency. Organizations such as The Sunshine Lady Foundation and the R.O.S.E. Fund also offer critically needed scholarships for domestic violence survivors to pursue their educational goals.


To learn more about The Sunshine Lady Foundation's Women's Independence Scholarship Program, please visit


For the R.O.S.E. Fund's Scholarship Program, please visit