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May 29, 2013

Supports Facebook in its effort to take a stand against violence against women

As part of Facebook's Safety Advisory Board and on behalf of survivors of domestic violence and other forms of violence against women, NNEDV is pleased by Facebook's announcement of steps they are taking to ensure that Facebook is a safe place for all participants, especially and including women. We are pleased that Facebook will update their guidelines to include violence against women as a violation of its Community Standards, increase training on reviewing hateful and harmful speech, increase accountability of those who post hateful and reprehensible content about women, and work with other groups to ensure that content that is violent toward women not be acceptable on Facebook.

Since and before NNEDV joined Facebook's Safety Advisory Board, we have had many conversations with Facebook about harmful and violent content directed toward women that has been posted by users of Facebook. We have encouraged Facebook to strengthen and clarify their protocols and have advocated for the removal of hateful and violent content directed at women. We have seen Facebook remove some offensive and harmful content very quickly and appreciate their steps to develop even stronger responses moving forward. We understand Facebook's desire to embrace openness and we have applauded Facebook's stance on bullying and other hate speech. We also recognize the strong role that online spaces and dialogue play in the larger understanding of and desensitization to violence against women. In that vein, we believe that Facebook can be a leader in helping to shape the social perception of this pervasive problem and can be an online space that values dialogue while also taking a stand to end violence against women.

We support Facebook in their effort to take a stand against violence against women and we will continue to be a voice for women through this process. We urge other companies that allow violent content targeting women on their sites to follow Facebook's lead and reassess their guidelines. Thank you Facebook, for taking a first step toward reaffirming that violence against women is never acceptable or humorous; we look forward to working in partnership on the next steps down the path toward eradicating violence in our communities and in our homes.