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March 10, 2013

Today, NNEDV recognizes National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.  There is a direct correlation between domestic violence and the AIDS epidemic.  At the center of domestic violence and HIV/AIDS infection is sexuality, and sexual violence is a common tactic abusers use to control their partners.  Globally, nearly one in four women may experience sexual violence by an intimate partner in her lifetime (Jewkes, Sen, and Garcia-Moreno, 2002).  Further, research has found that women with violent or controlling male partners are at increased risk of HIV infection (Dunkle, Jewkes, Brown, Gray, McIntryre, and Harlow, 2004).  NNEDV is working to end both of these epidemics.

NNEDV and the MAC AIDS Fund are working to better inform communities of the correlation between domestic violence and HIV/AIDS.  With better information and stronger partnerships between domestic violence and HIV/AIDS programs, NNEDV strives to increase testing among women and girls, provide safety during the dangerous time of disclosure to a sexual partner, and offer greater support and information for women and girls at risk for HIV/AIDS infection and/or violence.

Between 1999 and 2003, AIDS diagnoses increased 15% among women.  NNEDV encourages everyone to get tested and to continue the conversations about ending violence against women and HIV/AIDS.

Together we can end the epidemics of violence against women and HIV/AIDS!