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Economic Justice Project

NNEDV’s Economic Justice Project works to strengthen victim advocates’ financial capabilities to better assist survivors of domestic violence move from short-term safety to long-term security, and to an economically sustainable independent life.  NNEDV's Economic Justice Project employs its signature “train-the-trainer” approach to deliver financial literacy lessons to victim advocates across the U.S.  NNEDV's Economic Justice Project also uses its exclusive listservs and newsletter to inform victim advocates about personal finance tools, resources, and the most recent research available in the field of financial literacy and capability.

Economic Justice Technical Assistance & Online Resource Platform:

NNEDV’s Economic Justice Project delivers financial literacy and economic justice resources and information to its members and the general public via NNEDV's website, exclusive listservs, webinars, presentations and one-one-one technical assistance. The Economic Justice Project also compiles and organizes relevant research on a wide-range of financial literacy topics; and engages in a variety of outreach activities to help give survivors a voice with financial education stakeholders at the national level. This project is greatly enhanced through the ongoing commitment of dedicated partners that support projects to end domestic violence, and to empower survivors with the financial education and economic tools and resources they need to achieve financial independence.

NNEDV's Economic Justice Partnership with The Allstate Foundation:

In partnership with The Allstate Foundation and the U.S. state and territorial coalitions against domestic violence, NNEDV’s Economic Justice Project delivers financial literacy information with tools like the Moving Ahead Through Financial Management curriculum, webinars, and grants that support economic justice and empowerment programs for survivors of abuse. 

Since 2005 NNEDV’s Economic Justice Project has coordinated and provided technical assistance for the following Allstate Foundation grant programs:

  • The Moving Ahead Through Financial Management Curriculum Grant Program provides curriculum materials and funding support to state coalitions that work with local programs to train advocates in their state.  To date, more than 600 domestic violence victim advocates have been trained to teach survivors financial skills, and thousands of survivors are using this resource nationwide.
  • The Moving Ahead Economic Empowerment Grant Program has awarded over $2.3 million to state-wide coalitions against domestic violence to help survivors become economically independent from their abusers and to research domestic violence and economic abuse to support new services.  Grant focus areas include matched savings programs, financial education, micro-enterprise and job readiness programs.

Read more about the exciting partnership with NNEDV and the Allstate Foundation Economic Empowerment for Domestic Violence Survivors Program.