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Census Project: Domestic Violence Counts

NNEDV's Census Project runs the U.S. National Census of Domestic Violence Services (Census). This is an annual noninvasive, unduplicated count of adults and children who seek services from U.S. domestic violence shelter programs during a single 24-hour survey period. Conducted by NNEDV, this Census takes into account the dangerous nature of domestic violence by using a survey designed to protect the confidentiality and safety of victims.

Census 2011:

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Census Methodology and Understanding the Data:

  • The “snapshot” methodology provides an unduplicated count because a victim is unlikely to access services at more than one domestic violence program during a 24-hour period. But does this mean that 65,321 people were victims of domestic violence on the day of the count? Or, since this count was only on one day. Can I multiply it by 365 and get an average estimate of the number of victims who sought services in a year? Read More...



Census Project: Domestic Violence Counts

March 25, 2013

In just one 24-hour period, local domestic violence programs across the country provided help and safety to 64,324 adults and children who were victims of domestic violence. Survivors were given a safe place... Read More ▹